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Woven and Interlocking Book Structures

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Woven and Interlocking Book Structures

From the Janus, Steiner and Gefn Presses
By Claire van Vliet and Elizabeth Steiner
Published 2002

Now rare! Out of print.

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Condition: Good. Paperback, bit of rubbing around the edges

"The diagrams were drawn by hand by the authors, then scanned and corrected on the Macintosh by Margery Cantor, who set the text in Utopia, which was designed by Robert Slimbach in 1989 for Adobe Systems, Inc., with the titles set in Helvetica designed by Max Miedinger in 1957 for the Haas Typefoundry in Basel, Switzerland. The paper is 140gsm Thai Woodfree, printed by Everbest in Hong Kong where it was Smythe sewn." "The models were executed by Audrey Holden following the directions in the book; the boxes were made by Judi Conant and Mary Richardson in Maidstone, Vermont. Two hundred copies were published by the Janus Press in Newark, Vermont, of which this is for the Kohler Art Library."