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A blast from the past. Up until computers took over Letraset was a mainstay of graphic designers.
This book comes from that time. There is no date. It is not only a catalogue of typefaces but also drawing tools and toher necessary equipment.
Features a Pantone colour chart at the back.

Rare. This book does not come up for sale on the internet.
Conditon: Good

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What is Letraset?
"In common usage, the name Letraset originally referred to sheets of transfer lettering which were originally manufactured as a wet process in 1959, with each character selected and cut from a sheet, placed face-down on a small silk screen frame and wetted with a paint brush to soften and release the gum arabic adhesive which held it. The frame was then turned over and the letter located over the artwork, and the character pressed into contact with the page, with the mounting base slid away as with model aircraft transfers. " From wikipedia.