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Modern Calligraphy: Brush lettering with Gayle McGovern

$150.00 - $180.00
Modern Calligraphy: Brush lettering with Gayle McGovern

TUTOR: Gayle McGovern
DATE: 23 May 2021
TIME: 10.00am – 4.00pm
COST: Members $150, Non-members $180

Limited to 8 participants only.

Suitability: If you can write you can come!

Modern brush lettering encourages the individual to explore their own interpretation of the letters they create. By remembering a few simple rules, and committing to some focused initial practice you can quickly develop the muscle memory that allows you to effortlessly create stunning and eye-catching artwork. Be warned though – this can become addictive!

You don’t need elaborate tools. Modern hand-lettering can be done with inexpensive brush pens and even cheap bullet-tipped pens from Ikea. A new black brush pen will be provided for each student to keep however during the class we will also explore a variety of other black and coloured pens to give you a feel for the many options available in the marketplace.

Class Description:

In this fun, hands-on class you will learn to create beautiful and unique hand-lettering that can be framed as wall art or used in bullet journals and scrap-booking. Use your new skills to delight your friends and family with unique, custom-made greeting cards, place cards, certificates, stickers, mugs, stationery, signs and name tags.

Class content:

• see a demonstration of a few simple rules
• spend time becoming familiar with the various hand and wrist movements that underpin a consistent lettering technique using a variety of practice sheets
• try a selection of brush, marker and other pens to become familiar with how the different tools perform
• explore, analyse and copy samples of existing artwork to further cement your muscle memory
• see a demonstration and try out additional techniques like faux-lettering, bounce lettering, blending and embellishments
• choose some words or a phrase that will become the basis of your unique lettered art project
• draft your layout and create your final piece.

Class outcomes:

• Become familiar with the simple rules that govern good modern brush lettering
• Do enough practice exercises to see real progress, giving you the confidence to try new things for yourself.
• Explore how your own handwriting can become the basis of a unique font, and what hints it gives about your own personal style.
• Choose several words and phrases, and explore lettering styles that appropriately express their meaning
• Create several pieces of lettered art that can either be framed or scanned for future use.


All materials will be provided.